Kids can’t drink coffee... can they? Coffee & Childhood.

Lucelia Verardi

Exploring the various cultural implications of coffee in childhood – and dispelling the myths. Question: How do you react about a children drinking coffee? Interestingly enough, the answer to this question depends almost entirely on where you were raised. In the United States, a child drinking a cup of coffee would be cause for alarm and looks of disgust at the parent who allowed them the caffeinated beverage. However, parents who were raised in African, European, or Asian countries would hardly bat an eye – why? Unlike in the United States, other countries and cultures have incorporated coffee drinking into...

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The Origins of Hawaiian Coffee and Kona Coffee. Where did it came from?

Coffee Gallery

The Origins of Hawaiian Coffee The rich, alluring aroma.  The deep, distinct flavor.  The beautiful, mesmerizing color.  Hawaiian coffee has been widely recognized the world over as being one of the most delicious and exquisite cups of coffee found anywhere in the world.  The iconic and unique flavor profiles have earned Hawaiian coffee global recognition, with coffee fanatics traveling the world over in order to experience it for themselves firsthand. How is it, then, that a product that has become so synonymous with Hawaii and Hawaiian culture is not native to the Hawaiian Islands? While coffee might not have originated...

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